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Volunteers information

Dream Center is hiring volunteers from all the high schools in California, especially in Los Angeles area. 

Here are the positions that we need:

  • Math teacher

  • English teacher

  • History teacher

  • Science teacher

  • Spanish teacher

  • Chinese teacher

  • Art teacher

  • Music teacher

  • Academic coordinators

  • Psychological counselor

  • Class managers

All volunteers should be interviewed by YAB, and all volunteers who passed the interview should attend a mandatory training. Training schedule:

Use the QR code below to sign up for volunteering and scheduling your interview date

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.39.15 AM.png



- take mandatory training

- teach

- follow the curriculum framework

- make report cards

Time commitment: 

- since each tutor takes on 1-3 classes, the time commitment will be 1-3 hours per week (class time) + preparation and training hours

Volunteer hours provide:

- double class time + training and meeting hours + bonus hours if the class performance is excellent

Academic coordinators

Academic coordinator is a position that have all the responsibilities that tutors have, and tasks of leading the teachers in the department.


- All responsibilities that tutors/teachers have

- Design the curriculum, educational strategies, and quizzes

- Each department has an academic coordinator

Volunteer hours provide:

- tracked work hours + bonus hours (if designed a well curriculum)

Class managers


- ensure class quality and pay attention to student wellbeing

- make sure the program runs smoothly and productively


- daily report

- sit in classes (number of classes depends on the final schedule)

- host every morning and afternoon meetings

- take attendance

- monitor classes

- take feedback from students, teachers, and parents

- activities coordination

Time commitment:

- 2 - 10 hours (take charge of 2-3 classes and/or grade group meetings)

- report classes qualities to academic coordinators time + training and meeting hours

Volunteer hours provide:

- 1.5 * classes time + work hours

Psychological coordinators

- 1 on 1 chat with kids if they want

- all 1 on 1 chat should be made appointment by kids

- attend special training provided by YAB

- each psychological coordinator has his/her own schedule, it depends on time when you are available

Volunteer hours provide:

- appointment hours + training hours

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