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Our Purpose

Volunteerism is a great way for the youth today to grow and learn about caring, empathy and responsibility. At Youth and Beyond we want to provide high school and middle school students the opportunity to learn about others’ lives and experience the gratification of empowering others through carefully monitored, originally designed, and devotedly executed community service programs. 

We believe students would gain crucial capabilities and characteristics through civic and community engagement. The youth today would be the cornerstone tomorrow for a better society. 


We also recognize the mental turmoil some of the teens go through and how there is still a stigma around asking for help when it comes to mental health conditions. We aim to provide an online safe space for students to attend anonymous support groups to share their difficult experiences. Let us be the anchor when you find yourself floating or astray. We also formed an anti-bullying club as an advocacy and help group to battle this serious phenomenon at school. No suffering should be minimized, and we hope we can help you treat your concerns seriously and correctly. 


At last, we also provide resources to help students adjust to the transition to high school, and provide much needed guidance on course selection, academic planning, college preparation, and major familiarization. Through our tight knit community, we are able to form a collaborative group where more senior students share and conversate with the rising new. 


In all, our purpose is to help you reach youth, and much more beyond.

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