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In order to ensure the quality of classes, we design the class manager position which works on supervising teachers' performance. At the same time, we also design curriculums with the academic coordinator of each department to make sure children can enrich their academic skills while enjoying learning during the summer. Meanwhile, at the summer camp, we also have psychological support service (one-on-one chat) provided to children so that they have someone to talk to, about anything.

Science Class


Academic and Art Classes

Dream Center will provide academic enrichments classes, include Math, Science, English, Spanish, Chinese, and History, to kids who attend the camp. While teaching academic courses, our volunteers will organize many fun activities which enable kids to have fun while learning and enjoy learning in a long term.

We also provide arts and music classes which would find students' potentials in arts. At the same time, we wants students to enjoy arts and feel the graceful world.


Class Management

Class managers are volunteers whose work includes contacting with the families or parents, taking attendance every morning and every afternoon of the camp, and taking care of children and ensuring their performances and attendance in classes.

Art Class


Psychological Support

At the camp, we offer psychological service and a safe space for kids to express themselves.



Each subject will have an academic coordinator who is selected carefully by YAB eboard. Academic coordinators' missions are to design overall curriculums for each department and specific teaching plans for teachers.

Home schooling
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